Coriolis mass flow meter cleaning method

 Coriolis mass flow meter cleaning method

In order to remove the high-viscosity oil attachments in the measuring tube of the mass flowmeter, it is recommended that the user use the steam purging and cleaning method. 
The steam source can be the line sweeping steam in the petrochemical plant, matched with an appropriate amount of circulating water, and led to the flowmeter with a steam hose. The flow meter should be placed flat on the ground, and the bottom should be properly raised to make the flow tube inclined, so that the effluent can be discharged by itself.  
In order to ensure safety, the steam at the outlet should not exceed 0.5Mpa, and the temperature should not exceed 110 °C; the junction box of the flowmeter should be properly sealed; the effluent should be discharged into the oil discharge ditch.
Purge should be done step by step: first purge the flange, then purge the two measuring tubes of the flowmeter in turn; after purging from the inlet, repeat the purging process from the outlet.  
The purging and cleaning process can only be ended when there are no obvious stains and sundries in the washing liquid.  
After connecting the flowmeter to the transmitter, power on and test, the density indication value should be approximately zero; if the indication value is large, it means that there is still foreign matter in the measuring tube, and it needs to be cleaned again.  
If the physical and chemical properties of the attachments in the measurement tube are clearly measured, it is recommended that the user use a suitable solvent to complete the cleaning work.


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