Coriolis mass flow meter advantages & disadvantages

 Coriolis flow meter advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of a Coriolis flow meter:

· Accuracy of measurements: ±0.2% (standard); ±0.1% (optional)

· High repeatability

· No dependence on flow direction

· Lack of moving parts

· The minimum required tech. service

· Ability to work with very viscous substances

Disadvantages of Coriolis flow meter:

· A small range of dynamics

· Large dimensions is not workable

· External vibration can affect the result

· Sensitivity to temperature changes

Some of such issues can be corrected by improving the design of the device. For example, the user can minimize vibration affecting on the device by installing the equipment on rubber sealing, etc.

In general, these types of transducers represent a simple and effective way to measure flow parameters in pipelines. However, they need stable physical conditions for operation.



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