Common trouble shooting for thermal mass flow meter

Thermal mass flow meter do not need any compensation for gas temperature and pressure, so it can achieve easily and accurate measurement. 
It is widely used in most kinds of gas flow measurement. 

While using thermal mass flow meter, there may have some common problems, most of them can be solved easily.  
Detailed information as below: 

Trouble Reason Methods
No display No power  Power on the meter 
  Internal power switch broken Power on AC220V, if power indication light is not on, it means power switch is broken
  DC24V power reverse connection Check the power polarity
  Display board broken Check the power light, if light is on, it means display board is broken, contact with us
Velocity low  Sensor dirty  Clean the sensor 
  Sensor broken Contact with us
  flow parameters setting wrong Check the parameters 
4-20mA output abnormal  20mA range setting is wrong Correct set 20mA range setting value
  Converter error  Contact with us
  Wiring not ok Check the wiring and wire again
Frequency output abnormal  Frequency parameter setting is wrong  Correct set frequency parameters
  Converter error  Contact with us
  Wiring broken Check wiring

Q&T Thermal mass flow meter had been exported to more than 20 countries for different users' work site and had got good feedback 
from our clients.  We're always ready to provide you with good service and good quality products. 


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