Clamp on ultrasonic flow meter trouble shoot

 Clamp on ultrasonic flow meter trouble shoot 

The clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter can only measure liquids, such as tap water, sewage, seawater, pure water, reclaimed water and other relatively clean liquids. If the liquid contains a large amount of agglomerated dirt or a large number of bubbles, it will affect the ultrasonic transmission and reception. It is not advisable to choose an external clip-on intelligent ultrasonic flowmeter. Most oils and gases are not suitable for selection. 

We have compiled some common problems and solutions of ultrasonic flowmeters, as follows for reference.

1. When the ultrasonic flowmeter probe is used for a period of time, there will be irregular alarms. Especially when there are many impurities in the conveying medium, this problem will be more common. Solution: Clean the probe regularly (it is recommended to clean it once a year).

2. When the conveying medium of the ultrasonic flowmeter contains liquid impurities such as water, the pressure pipe of the flowmeter is prone to effusion. When the temperature is low, the pressure pipe will freeze and block, especially in winter in northern areas. Solution: purge the pressure pipe or power on and heat tracing

3. Ultrasonic flow meters have very strict requirements for pipelines, and there should be no abnormal noise, otherwise it will affect the measurement error greatly

In the propagation process of ultrasonic waves, due to the obstacle or absorption of the medium and impurities in the medium, its intensity will be attenuated. Whether it is an ultrasonic flowmeter or an ultrasonic level meter, there are certain requirements for the received sound wave intensity, so various attenuations must be suppressed.

4. Large fluctuations in instantaneous flow?

The signal strength is large, and the measurement fluid itself fluctuates greatly.

Solution: Adjust the probe position, increase the signal strength, and ensure the signal strength is stable.If the fluid fluctuates greatly, the position is not good.Reselect the point to ensure the working condition requirements of the first 10D and the 5D.

5. Low signal of external clamp ultrasonic flowmeter?

This depends on the technical content of the instrument itself. A large number of on-site test cases have proved that problems such as long pipeline time, serious fouling, and large pipe diameters. Atolier AFTU-2W series is better than other external clamp ultrasonic flowmeters. The signal is very fast, and the signal is very stable. .

Solution: For large pipe diameters and serious scaling, it is recommended to use a good quality external clamp ultrasonic flowmeter. The pipe where the probe is installed should be polished clean. Use a coupling agent or a coupling piece to remove the air between the probe and the surface of the workpiece to make ultrasonic waves. It can be effectively introduced into the pipeline to ensure sufficient sound intensity and transmittance on the detection surface.

6. The meter cannot be used under strong interference on site?

There is a frequency converter or high-voltage cable field strong electromagnetic interference on site

Recommendation: Keep away from the frequency converter or high-voltage cable field strong electromagnetic interference


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