Battery Powered Electromagnetic flow meter

 Battery Powered Electromagnetic flow meter Made by Q&T
Q&T Instrument Co.,Ltd not only produce Electromagnetic Flowmeter with 220VAC/24VDC,but also supplied by 3.6V lithium battery Electromagnetic flow meter.
The advantage of Battery Powered Electromagnetic flowmeter as below:
1.Digital display,16-bit embedded microprocessor is adopted to improve the stability of flow measurement and low power consumption.
2.No moving parts in the pipeline, no flow parts, almost no additional pressure loss in the measurement.
3.With RS485, RS232, Hart, Modbus and other digital communication signal output. (optional) It has the function of self-examination and self-judgment.
Q&T also produce other type flowmeter, such as vortex flowmeter,thermal gas mass flow meter,turbine flowmeter,ultrasonic flowmeter.
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