Application of Ultrasonic open channel flow meter

Ultrasonic open channel flowmeter is an instrument specially designed for open channel flow measurement. 

Application scope of ultrasonic open channel flowmeter:
1. Sewage treatment inflow and discharge channels;
2. Chemical liquid and wastewater discharge channels of industrial and mining enterprises;
3. Water conservancy projects;
4. Agricultural irrigation channels;
5. Flood gate.
1. Support display and output air height, liquid level, instantaneous flow, cumulative flow;
2. The communication protocol can be customized according to the needs;
3. The flow measurement is not affected by the backwater on the tributary surface;
4. It is not affected by the floating sediment, air bubbles and large changes in water level during measurement. The flow sensor produces resistance to the water flow. The structure is simple, the volume is small, and the installation is convenient;


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