Application of non-full pipe flowmeter in intercept well

With the deepening of water environment governance, more and more reliable flow measurement data are found, which is the starting point
and prerequisite for the planning, construction and efficient operation of underground pipeline network diagnosis, quality improvement 
and efficiency, plant, station, network and river integration projects, and water digitization projects. 

Today, we will introduce the application of non-full-tube flow meters in intercept wells.

The above-mentioned semi-full tube/full tube flowmeter has the following characteristics:
► The spatially distributed flow rate detection achieves the highest accuracy and the flow measurement error is small;
► The measurement accuracy is easy to verify;
► Integrated liquid level measurement;
► Integrated diagnosis function;
► Consider the impact of sediment;
► It can provide a visualized practical cross-sectional flow rate;
► It can be powered by battery/solar power.

It is recommended to select an appropriate non-full tube flowmeter according to the control accuracy required by the subsequent sewage 
treatment plant or CSO treatment plant for the shut-off well restrictor valve.


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