Application of intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in water supply system

The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter sensor has a simple structure, no obstructions, no pressure loss, and no blockage. It can be adapted to the measurement of various corrosive media by selecting the appropriate electrode and lining material, and the measurement is not affected by the temperature, pressure, viscosity and other properties of the medium fluid. The range is extremely wide. The range ratio of the same electromagnetic flowmeter can reach 1:100. It is sensitive and has good linearity. It is suitable for various pipe diameters. There are plug-in and pipeline options. In the past two years, the price of electromagnetic flowmeters It is also greatly reduced, and it is a more cost-effective flow meter product, which is mostly used in industrial control automation places.
    Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter also plays an important role in the water supply system. Specific applications are as follows:
   (1) Used for area measurement
 Electromagnetic flowmeters are widely used in urban pipe networks, especially for the metering and distribution of water supply, which facilitates water scheduling and configuration. Take the water supply situation in an urban area as an example. Some pipes are DN600 and DN800. The pipes and flow rate are large, and the leakage is not serious. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an electromagnetic flowmeter with high sensitivity and a wide measurement range.
   (2) Use as a settlement water meter
  An important purpose of water supply flow measurement is water meter settlement. The electromagnetic flowmeter is used as a settlement water meter and has an important reference role. The management procedure of the flowmeter is: to analyze the requirements of the electromagnetic flowmeter, such as model, quantity, etc., and then purchase, archive, install, use, check, etc., and require regular maintenance.
   (3) Used for water metering in water plants
 Electromagnetic flowmeters are widely used in current water plants. They lay a sufficient foundation for water configuration and scheduling, provide data reference for production management, and facilitate the treatment of chlorine and water purification, so that chlorine consumption and chemical consumption can be accurately calculated. , Power consumption and other data to facilitate cost control and water purification treatment. The water supply system will also have a certain degree of failure, and the abnormality will lead to inaccurate measurement. The electromagnetic flowmeter can promptly respond to the abnormality of the unit or the burst of the water pipeline. The electromagnetic flowmeter provides a reference for the dispatching of the urban pipe network, and the effluent head pressure and the flowmeter work together to provide a data reference for the operation of the unit. The electromagnetic flowmeter has good stability and high measurement accuracy, but it needs to be checked by imported ultrasonic flowmeter of the same precision level, and the check time can be set to better control the error.


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