Application advantages of electromagnetic water meter

Compared with mechanical water meters, electromagnetic water meters have greater technical advantages. Large water users choose electromagnetic water meters for water consumption measurement, which has better comprehensive benefits. The electromagnetic water meter is easy to install and maintain, has no moving parts, and has almost zero pressure loss. The battery power supply can maintain stable operation for 3-5 years for a long time. It can be widely used in water flow measurement in places without power supply, such as: urban water supply, sewage treatment, water conservancy engineering and other industries. The electromagnetic water meter is a metering meter designed for water supply enterprises to ensure accurate water trade metering and settlement. There will be no sticking phenomenon, and there will be no loss of accuracy due to wear. Large turndown ratio, accurate measurement of small flow and large flow.
The electromagnetic water meter combines the characteristics of the two flow meters of the water meter and the electromagnetic flowmeter, adopts a specially designed sensor excitation system and a high-performance lithium battery power supply system, and adopts a 16-bit embedded micro-power processor, full digital signal processing, and stable operation. Reliable, high measurement accuracy, wide measurement range and other features, realize automatic two-way flow measurement, pressure measurement, on-site instantaneous flow, forward and reverse cumulative total display, self-diagnosis fault alarm and GSM data wireless remote transmission and other functions. Through the powerful GSM/GPRS remote management software system, users can realize the functions of wireless remote transmission and storage of traffic data.
 Advantages of electromagnetic water meters
1. Small meter and large flow: some users who have been using for a long time use the smaller pipeline designed and installed before, and now there is a situation of small meter and large flow after the increase of water supply. If the mechanical water meter runs in a high area for a long time, the wear of the mechanical water meter will be serious, and the severe wear of the mechanical water meter will cause a large negative deviation. It will bring about a large water loss. Due to the straight-through structure, the guide tube of the electromagnetic water meter has no moving parts, which will not cause wear and tear, and will not cause errors in any flow area, and maintain the measurement accuracy for a long time.
 2. Large meter and small flow: For some special users, such as swimming pools, the time when the water consumption is large is less, and the usual water consumption is small, and there is a situation of large meter and small flow. Due to the high starting flow and the large negative deviation below Q1, the mechanical water meter brings water loss to the water: the starting flow of the electromagnetic water meter is extremely low, and the measurement accuracy below Q1 can basically be maintained, and it can basically measure extremely low flow.
 3. Reliable operation: The mechanical water meter has problems such as stuck meter, pull meter and reading error. Because the electromagnetic water meter has a straight-through structure and no moving parts, any impurities can pass through directly, and there will be no stuck meter phenomenon: electromagnetic water meter Since the diversion tube is a straight-through structure and has no moving parts, no matter how large the flow rate is, there will be no pull-out field: the mechanical water meter needs meter reading conversion, there may be misreading, and the instantaneous flow data cannot be directly transmitted, while the electromagnetic water meter can pass RS-485 or GPRS directly reads the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of the memory to ensure the accuracy of the data, and there is no need to go to the site to check the readings.
 4. Various choices of electromagnetic water meters: power supply methods include battery, battery DC dual power supply, battery AC dual power supply and other options, output 4-20MA, RS485, GPRS, etc. to meet different site needs.


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