Analysis of the Uncertainty of Speed of Turbine Flowmeter's Impeller Speed

 Analysis of the Uncertainty of Speed of Turbine Flowmeter's Impeller Speed
(1) For the situation that the running speed is suddenly slow and fast, the speed can be controlled by adjusting the instrument coefficient. 
  If the instrument coefficient changes greatly, you can also check whether the plunger depth is appropriate. In most cases, because the impeller cannot run, 
  the flowmeter contains dirt, and the dirt can be cleaned with hydrochloric acid.
(2) If the turbine flowmeter does not count, it may be caused by the poor connection of the power supply or the switch. Therefore, it is necessary to check 
  the internal equipment of the turbine flowmeter to check whether the components are faulty. If there is a fault, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
(3) As a speed flow meter, as the operating time increases (usually after two years of operation), the internal bearing will gradually wear out, 
  which easily causes the impeller speed to slow down (compared to normal), and the negative measurement deviation increases, resulting in less measurement, 
  Especially the measurement noise of large flow.


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