Advantages of Ultrasonic Flow Meter


Advantages of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic flow meters are widely used gradually, but some customers are still not very familiar with this type of flow meters. Followings are advantages:

Advantages of Ultrasonic flow meters:

1. Non-intrusive technology, no need cut the pipe or stop the flow, can realize online installation any time.

2. Appliable for various kinds of liquid, even if the chemical liquid, oil etc, not influenced by the medium status.

3. Multiple signal output, can saitisfy what client needs.

4. Multiple flow unit for selection.

5. One set with three pairs sensors can realize all size pipe measurement, size range from DN15-6000.

6. Standard product easy for stock, has ENGLISH, ITALIAN, TURKISH for selection.

7. Affordable price can satisfy clients from any country of the world. 

Disadvantages of Ultrasonic flow meters:
1. Meausuring accuracy easy influenced by the installation and environment.

2. Only can measure the fluid with temperature range -30 ~160.


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