Advantages of Metal Tube Rotameter

 Advantages of Metal Tube Rotameter

The LZZ metal tube rotameter adopts the variable area measurement principle. The measuring part consists of a cone measuring tube and a float. The float can move freely up and down in the cone measuring tube, changing the flow area in the pipe, with the flow rate. The change, the vertical position of the float in the measuring tube also changes accordingly. The through-tube over-magnetic transfer system transmits the position of the float to the indicator dial to indicate the flow value.

The main features of the product:

1. Intelligent dual-line LCD display with optional on-site instantaneous/accumulated flow display with backlight.

2. The new magnetic coupling structure design ensures a more stable transmission signal.

3. For gas and liquid measurement in various industries, the measuring part can be made of different materials to adapt to different media conditions.

4. With data recovery, data backup and power down protection.

5. Suitable for harsh environments and severely corrosive media, with good heat resistance and pressure resistance.

6. Short stroke and small structure design.

7. All metal structure, solid and stable.



Pre:importance of SIL Functional Safety Certification