Advantages and characteristics of electromagnetic water meter in water supply measurement

Advantages and characteristics of electromagnetic water meter in water supply measurement

Electromagnetic water meter is a metering instrument designed for water supply companies, which can optimize water supply and ensure accurate water trade measurement and settlement. The all-stainless steel design ensures that the water meter can be used in a highly corrosive environment. With zero pressure loss, there will be absolutely no jamming phenomenon, and there will be no loss of accuracy due to wear. Super large range ratio, accurate measurement of small flow and large flow, can help the water company reduce the difference between production and sales.

1. In water supply, electromagnetic water meter is the measurement choice of large users

In the pipe network water supply, electromagnetic water meters used for large-user metering and regional metering systems have rapidly increased to realize the leakage monitoring of the pipe network, monitor the small flow at night, and reduce the water loss of the pipe network.

Excellent repeatability, it is an ideal instrument for monitoring the leakage of pipe network.

2. Low requirements for installation location, easy to use

Use 3.6V DC lithium battery for power supply, up to 6 years of working time, without external power supply, can be used directly on site, without setting and wiring. The electromagnetic water meter has few requirements for straight pipe sections, and the protection level is IP68. It can be used almost anywhere, and can be installed on the surface or meter well.

3. All stainless steel design, long-term reliability

The electromagnetic water meter adopts a full stainless steel sensor and converter case, which has anti-corrosion function to ensure that the water meter is used in a highly corrosive environment. There are no blocking parts and zero pressure loss. It can achieve the effect of reducing consumption and increasing efficiency. The long-term use cost is much lower than Ordinary water meter. The straight-through structure can also ensure reliable measurement when the measured medium has solid impurities.

Fourth, smart remote transmission

The intelligent converter has the self-diagnosis function of the instrument, the empty pipe, the false wiring, and the battery status can be judged and alarmed in time to ensure the credibility of the data. The GPRS remote transmission type can realize remote monitoring, alarm and diagnosis, and can monitor data in the background, reducing the maintenance time and cost of on-site personnel.


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