advantages of electromagnetic water meter

 Advantages & Disadvantages & Maintenance of Electromagnetic Water Meter

Electromagnetic water meter is an electronic water meter developed from electromagnetic flow meter to measure water flow. It has superior measurement performance, convenient installation and maintenance, no moving parts, almost zero pressure loss, battery power supply can generally be used for more than 5 years, and can maintain stable operation for a long time.

So what are the main functions and advantages of electromagnetic water meters?

Potential automatic tracking technology: automatic zero value adjustment, long-term work can ensure measurement accuracy. Automatic error correction technology: multiple data backup, intelligent error correction analysis, to ensure that the data is accurate. Fully sealed design: all circuit boards and structural connections are sealed with imported sealant, so it can be used normally when soaked in water. Straight-through structure: straight-through inside, no mechanical transmission parts, no obstructing fluid flow devices, and extremely small pressure loss. Very wide measuring range, strong anti-interference, zero straight pipe section, ultra-low power consumption electromagnetic water meter application areas:

It is specially used for trade settlement and zone measurement between water supply companies and users, and is widely used in on-site places where there is no power supply.

After-sales maintenance of electromagnetic water meter:

From the installation and testing in the early stage to the maintenance in the later stage, a dedicated person is responsible for handling the work, and irregular visits to the door for monitoring and maintenance work, and strive to do the best.

The electromagnetic water meter is used in combination with the high-tech R&D system-zone metering and leakage control system to achieve very good results. The implementation of sub-regional management to prevent leakage and other conditions will be automatically identified and analyzed by the system, which greatly reduces labor costs and implements online monitoring. , When there is a problem, an alarm can be issued, so that the supervisor can immediately find the problem and deal with the problem.


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