Advantage of electromagnetic flow meter for slurry application

When the streamline distribution does not meet the set conditions, measurement errors will occur. Therefore, there must be a straight pipe section of about 5-10D before the electromagnetic flowmeter to eliminate the influence of various local resistances on the symmetry of the streamline distribution. Due to the special physical properties of the slurry, it is very difficult to measure.

It contains more than 60% of extremely fine mineral solid particles, plus auxiliary additives, under high pressure conditions, its dynamic viscosity is as high  as 800-1500mPa.s, the squeezing of the medium to the lining and the erosion of the electrode require electromagnetic flowmeter sensors.  The adhesion performance of the lining and the measuring pipe and the anti-noise and anti-leakage performance of the electrode have high requirements, and the slurry is a non-Newtonian fluid, and the designed pipeline flow rate is very low, about 1.0m/s, and it is corrosive.

After years of comparative experience in the operation of mining and chemical plants, it is proved that the use of electromagnetic flowmeters to measure the slurry flow is the reliable method at present.


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