Remote Type Electromagnetic Flow Meter Installation Notice

The converter in the electromagnetic flowmeter can be integrated or separated from the sensor. 
The integrated type is an integrated electromagnetic flowmeter, and the split type becomes a split
type electromagnetic flowmeter. 
First, install the grounding of the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor: In order to make the split
electromagnetic flowmeter work reliably, improve the measurement accuracy, and not be disturbed
by the external parasitic potential, the sensor should have a good separate grounding wire, and the
grounding resistance is <10Ω. 
1. The flowmeter should be installed in a place where the temperature changes greatly or is subject 
to high temperature radiation from the equipment. If it must be installed, it must be insulated and
2. The flowmeter is best installed indoors. If it must be installed outdoors, it should be protected from
rainwater pouring, flooding and sun exposure, and moisture and sun protection measures must be taken.
3. Should be avoided in the environment containing corrosive gases, must be installed, there must be ventilation measures.
4. For installation, maintenance and convenience, there must be ample installation space around the flowmeter.
5, Flowmeter installation site should avoid strong magnetic field and strong vibration source, such as the
vibration of the pipeline, there should be fixed pipe support on both sides of the flowmeter.
Secondly, the installation of the split electromagnetic flowmeter on the bypass pipe requirements: 
In order to facilitate the maintenance of the flowmeter, it is best to install the bypass pipe for the flowmeter,
in addition, for heavy pollution fluids and flowmeters need to be cleaned and the fluid can not be stopped, 
must be installed The bypass pipe is designed to facilitate the maintenance of the flowmeter.


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