vortex flowmeter

 The reasons for the inaccuracy of the 4-20mA current of the vortex flowmeter
1. There are two kinds of signal output of vortex flowmeter 4 ~ 20mA: digital signal output and analog signal output.
2. The analog signal output has the following defects: zero point and full scale need to be adjusted. During normal operation,
    the zero point and full-scale drift phenomena will occur; the linearity of the output of the analog signal is defective, and
    it cannot be completely linear.
3. The current output of the digital signal overcomes the above shortcomings very well. The precision of the digital signal is
     very high, which is 1/65535, that is, 16-bit digital precision.
4. The current signal has a protection circuit to prevent the wrong wire or voltage level from being connected on site.
    The protection circuit will produce a fixed error value for the current. This small part of the current leaks through the protection circuit,
     and its value is about 0.02-0.04 . In places with particularly high current signal requirements, the protection circuit must be removed.


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