300 nos thermal gas mas flow meter

300nos thermal gas mass flow meter
December is the last month of 2020,it is eight lucky month or important month.
No doubt ,this December is lucky for us
One of our client book nearly 300nos thermal gas mass flow meter to measure air flowrate in their local.
Thermal gas mass flow meter is one of important production line in our company

it be widely used in Oil industry,Gas industry,Power industry,Chemical industry,Metallurgy industry,Pulp and paper industry,Food industry,Water treatment and so on.

Thermal gas mass flow meter be widely used to measure various of dry uniphase gases and mixture gases,

Such as :Oxygen, Argon, Nitrogen,Methane,Naturalgas,Biogas,Flue gas,Compressed air,LPG gas and so on.But it couldn't be used to measure acetylene and humid gas. 

Thermal gas mass flow meter could display Normal flowrate and Mass flowrate,clients could switch the flow unit according to requirements.

About the power supply,thermal gas mass flow meter with dual power:DC24V and AC220V.

About the output,thermal gas mass flow meter could with 4-20mA,Pulse,RS485.

Thermal gas mass flow meter standard body material is SS304,and SS316 is optional.

About thermal gas mass flow meter probe,the standard material is SS316 and it adopts reinforcing design,the root is partially reinforced to make the probe stronger and more suitable for a variety of gases.

Thermal gas mass flow meter have many kinds connection,such as:Flange type,Tri-calmp type,Thread type,Insertion type.



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