Which gases can be measured by thermal gas flow meters

 Which gases can be measured by thermal gas flow meters
● Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, chlorine and multi-component gas measurement. (Except for acetylene gas)
● Blast furnace gas and coke oven gas measurement.
● Aeration and chlorine measurement in biogas and water treatment.
● Flue gas measurement.
● Compressed air measurement.
● Primary and secondary air flow measurement of blast furnaces in power plants.
● Flow measurement of natural gas, liquefied gas, flare gas and other gases.
● Flow measurement of mine ventilation or exhaust system.
● Measure gas mass flow without temperature and pressure compensation.
● Corrosion-resistant sensor, suitable for measuring corrosive gas.
● No pressure loss, suitable for any shape of pipe with known cross-sectional area.
● Large range ratio, measuring flow rate range
● The expert algorithm of the full range segment is especially suitable for large-caliber measurement to ensure the accuracy of the measurement and suitable for trade settlement.
● The base instrument can be displayed locally and with alarm control.
● The construction volume is extremely small, and because of the plug-in structure, it can be installed and maintained online.
● Can perform leak detection and equipment work of process pipelines.


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