What’s the main factors cause inaccuracy of steam flow meter

       What’s the main factors cause inaccuracy of steam flow meter?


At present, there are many misconceptions about steam flow meter, many users often think that high price can purchase high accurate flow meters. Steam flow meter is different from other medium such as water and air. There are many factors that influence the accuracy. the flow meter itself often appears to be qualified, but the accuracy is not "accurate" phenomenon. Followings are main reasons.

1. The real steam flow rate is lower than the minimum flow rate of the flow meter (the range ratio is insufficient).
2. The upstream and downstream of straight pipe is insufficient (there is flow disturbance)
3. Incorrect density compensation of steam (improper temperature and pressure measurement)
4. Water content in steam (without compensation for dryness);
5. There are vibration and interference on site (vortex street gas flow meter).
6. Differential pressure transmission error (differential pressure gas flow meter)


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