Ultrasonic Liquid Level Gauge

 Ultrasonic Liquid Level Gauge 
The following are the installation points of ultrasonic liquid level gauges
1. The distance from the emitting surface of the probe to below the liquid level should be less than 
  or equal to the measuring range of the selected instrument.
2. The distance from the emitting surface of the probe to the highest liquid level should not be 
  less than the blind area of the selected instrument.
3. The emission surface of the probe should always be parallel to the liquid surface.
4. The installation position of the probe should be staggered as far as possible from the position 
   where the liquid level is relatively large, such as the inlet and outlet directly below.
5. If the inside of the pool wall or tank is uneven, the installation position of the instrument 
   should be more than 0.3m away from the pool wall or tank.
6. If the distance from the launch surface of the probe to the high liquid level is less than or 
  equal to the blind area of the selected instrument, an extension tube needs to be added. The diameter  
  of the extension tube is not less than 120mm and the length is 0.35m to 0.50m. Vertical installation, 
   smooth inner wall, open on the tank The hole should not be lower than the inner diameter of the extension tube. 
   Or the pipe is connected to the bottom of the tank, the diameter of the pipe is not less than 80mm, and the hole 
   in the bottom of the pipe always keeps the liquid level in the extension pipe equal to the height in the tank.


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