Turbine flowmeter failure reasons

 Turbine flowmeter failure reasons
Turbine flowmeter is a high-speed instrument, a new generation of intelligent turbine flowmeter, with high precision, 
few moving parts, high pressure resistance, wide measurement field, small pressure loss, and easy maintenance.
As long as it is properly installed and debugged
There is no measurement error in normal use.
1. When the fluid is in normal activity, it will not be displayed, and the number of words in the total counter will not increase.
1. Check whether the power cord, fuse, function selector switch and signal line are open or bad.
2. Check whether the external printing plate and contact parts of the display are in poor contact.
3. Check the detection coil.
4. Check the sensor for external problems. The above 1-3 checks are confirmed to be normal or cleared, 
but there are still problems. Explain the problem outside the sensor flow path, check whether the impeller can touch the inner wall 
of the sensor, whether there is foreign matter stuck, and whether the shaft and bearing are stuck or broken.


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