The Working Principle of Turbine Flowmeter

 The Working Principle of Turbine Flowmeter
Turbine flowmeter has a turbine, which needs to be installed in the fluid pipeline when in use, 
and the two ends are supported by bearings. When the fluid passes through the turbine, the fluid impacts the turbine blades, 
driving the rotation of the turbine blades. The measuring instrument of the turbine flowmeter indirectly measures the flow rate through 
the angular velocity of the turbine blades. The method used is that the angular velocity of the blades is proportional to the fluid velocity.
The angular velocity is detected by the sensor coil installed in the casing. When the turbine blade cuts the magnetic field lines generated 
by the permanent magnet steel in the casing, it will change the change of the magnetic flux of the sensor coil.
The sensing coil sends 
the detected magnetic flux periodic change signal to the amplifier of the measuring instrument to amplify and reshape the signal. 
Generate a pulse signal proportional to the flow rate, and send it to the unit conversion and flowmeter integration circuit to obtain 
and display the cumulative flow value; at the same time, the pulse signal is sent to the frequency current conversion circuit to 
convert the pulse signal into an analog current, and then indicate the instant Flow value.


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