The Effect of Temperature on Gas Turbine Flow Meter

 The Effect of Temperature on Gas Turbine Flow Meter
It was normal at the beginning of using the meter, but as the weather became colder, the measurement of the 
turbine flowmeter became obviously inaccurate. According to research, the low temperature environment does have an impact 
on the metering performance of the gas turbine flowmeter. A gas turbine flowmeter is a flow measuring instrument that measures gaseous media.
The gas turbine flowmeter has good stability and repeatability, and has the advantages of high measurement accuracy, 
simple structure, light volume, and convenient later maintenance.Gas turbine flowmeters are affected by temperature to different degrees, 
some will have relatively small effects, but some will also produce relatively large errors.The effect of temperature on turbine flowmeters is 
limited and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. When used in some extremely cold environments,Gas turbine flow meters
require lubricants to function properly.


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