Radar Level Gauge Installation Notes

 Radar Level Gauge Installation Notes
The demand for radar level gauge products is increasing, and there are more and more product models. 
In order to meet different use needs, people set different models of products with different setting methods, 
but no matter which type of product, Problems that need to be paid attention to when setting up
1.Choose the appropriate model.
There are many models of radar level gauges. When choosing, you need to choose 
the appropriate model according to the volume and shape of the container. When choosing, you need to consider 
the different use environment. The model should be different for corrosive, foam, steam and other environments.
2. Choose a suitable installation location.
To set the radar liquid level timer, you must choose a suitable setting place. 
Because some objects will hinder the use of the product. For example, when the stirring valve in the tank is within 
the signal range, reflection will occur, which will hinder the measurement of liquid products, and the attachments on the 
tank wall and the road will also be disturbed. In order to avoid the interference of these objects, the installation place 
must be far away from these objects.
3. The installation must be standardized.
Install the radar liquid level timer.To ensure the accuracy of the measurement, 
the axis position of the product antenna must be correct and perpendicular to the reflective surface of the liquid level.
 When the product is a horn type, there is a certain distance between the mouth of the horn and the inner surface of 
the mounting hole, generally more than 10 mm.
When installing the radar liquid level timer, you must choose 
the appropriate installation method according to the product model.


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