Open channel flow meter installation and precautions


 Open channel flow meter installation and precautions

With the use of open channel flowmeter, the flow in the open channel is converted into the level of liquid level. Measure the water flow in the open channel.
Such as urban water supply diversion channel, thermal power plant cooling water diversion and drainage channel, sewage treatment inflow and discharge channel,
industrial and mining enterprise wastewater discharge, water conservancy project and agricultural irrigation channel


1) The center line of the Bacher trough should coincide with the center line of the channel, so that the water flow into the Bacher trough does not appear bias flow.

 2) After the Bacher tank is filled with water, the flow pattern of water should be free flow. The submergence of Bacher trough is less than the critical submergence.

3) There should be a straight section more than 5 times the width of the channel in the upstream of the Bacher trough, so that the water can enter the Bacher trough smoothly.
That is, there is no left-right bias flow, and there is no impulse formed by channel slope.

4) The Bacher trough should be installed firmly on the channel. It should be closely connected with the side wall and bottom of the channel without water leakage. Make the water
flow through the metering part of Bacher trough. The measurement part of Bacher trough is throat in the trough.


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