Installation Specifications and Requirements for Electromagnetic Flowmeters

 Installation Specifications and Requirements for Electromagnetic Flowmeters
1. The electromagnetic flowmeter needs to be installed in a place without vibration or strong electromagnetic field (such as large motor and inverter.
2. Need to install as much as possible, horizontal installation needs to be installed in the low place. Pipe vertices cannot be installed to ensure full pipe and prevent air bubbles.
3. Electromagnetic flowmeter straight pipe section requirements, it is best to ensure 5 times the diameter of the first 10.
4. When welding, please pay attention not to connect the instrument to prevent damage to the flowmeter.
5. The shell should be grounded as far as possible, the shielded wire should be grounded at one end, and the point can not be shared with the strong electricity.
6. If it is easier to repair, the installation location needs to be selected to meet the maintenance requirements. At the same time, the side pipe can be installed, and the fluid bypasses the pipe when the fault occurs.
7. The electromagnetic flowmeter should also avoid direct sunlight and high temperature to avoid degaussing;
8. Other requirements should be considered, the signal wiring should not be with the strong electric line.
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