Installation requirements vortex flowmeter

 Installation requirements vortex flowmeter
1. Device requirements for precession vortex flowmeter
1. It is forbidden to weld the pipe flanges online by the flowmeter.
2. Clean up the debris, welding slag and dust in the pipeline before installing the flowmeter.
3. In order to facilitate maintenance, it does not affect the normal delivery of fluid.
4. The front straight pipe section of the flowmeter is ≥10DN, and the rear straight pipe section is ≥5DN.
5. When the gas contains large particles or long fiber debris, it is necessary to install a filter.
6. The flow meter can be installed straight or tilted at any angle.
7. When the flow meter is installed horizontally, it is recommended to install a steel expansion device (compensator) 
   behind the straight pipe section of the flow meter. The expansion device must meet the requirements of the nominal diameter 
   and nominal pressure of the pipeline design.
   (The expander is used to compensate the stress of the pipeline and facilitate the installation and disassembly of the flowmeter).
8. When the flowmeter device is used outdoors, it is recommended to add a protective cover to prevent rainwater and hot sun 
from affecting the life of the flowmeter.
9. There should be no strong external magnetic field interference and intense mechanical vibration around the flowmeter.
10. The flowmeter needs to be grounded firmly, but it must not be shared with the ground wire of the strong current system.


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