Installation of Q&T Vortex Flow meter Notices

 Installation of Q&T Vortex Flow meter Notices
1. The ambient temperature should be -20-55℃,and the ambient humidity should be in the range of 5%-90%. 
2. Welding accessories and instruments that are matched with the product must not be welded online 
  (flange instrument), online welding will cause thermal damage to the sensor;
3. Purge the pipeline to ensure that there is no welding slag residue in the pipeline;
4. Install the instrument, pay attention to the flow direction sign of the instrument, 
   and prohibit reverse installation to ensure that the front and rear straight pipe sections meet the requirements.    
5. Slowly open the front valve to prevent air hammer or water hammer from damaging the instrument;
6. Pipeline pressure test and leak detection to ensure that the pipeline does not leak;
7. Air tightness test to ensure that the installed instrument meets the sealing requirements;
8. Slowly open the rear valve to ensure the stable flow field of the medium passing through;
9. Normal operation of the instrument;


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