Installation Method and Main Points of External Clamp Ultrasonic Flowmeter

 Installation Method and Main Points of External Clamp Ultrasonic Flowmeter
1. There are two methods for installing the sensors (2 probes) of the external clamp ultrasonic flowmeter under normal premises, 
  which are V method installation and Z method installation.
Z method DN200mm-6000mm pipeline is preferred to choose the Z method, when the V method can not measure the signal or the signal 
 quality is poor, the Z method can also be recommended. When installing, make the vertical distance between the two sensors along 
 the direction of the tube axis equal to the installation distance, and ensure that the two sensors are on the same axis, and
 pay attention to the direction of emission must be opposite (the direction of the two sensors is facing inward). Because 
 the Z method directly transmits and receives ultrasonic waves in the medium propagation, the signal is not reflected, 
 so the signal strength is minimized. Therefore, the Z method has the characteristics of high signal strength and reliable operation.
V method DN15mm-200mm pipeline is preferred to use V method. During installation, the two sensors are aligned horizontally, 
 and the center line is parallel to the axis of the pipe. Note that the emission direction must be opposite (the two sensors are 
 facing inward). The V method has the characteristics of convenient use and accurate measurement. For pipelines with a diameter of 
 less than DN50mm, the installation accuracy is higher. Please pay attention to the parameters of signal strength, signal quality, 
 and transmission time ratio.
2. Enter the measurement parameters to get the installation distance
 Before starting the measurement, the flowmeter needs to be initially set to set the sensor installation distance. 
 This distance refers to the innermost edge distance of the two sensors, and the sensor is installed according to this data.
3. Handle the installation point
 There are two installation points for external clamp sensors, which are divided into upstream sensors and downstream sensors. 
 When processing these two installation points, the processing area of ??one installation point is about the same as the probe size, 
 and the processing area of ??the other installation point should be 2, 3 times the probe size (centered on the installation point) to 
 facilitate debugging signals. First clean the area outside the pipe where the sensor is to be installed, and remove rust and paint. 
 If any anti-rust layer should be removed, it is best to use a sander to polish the metallic luster, and then use a clean cloth to 
 wipe off the oil and dust.


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