How to Solve Weak Signal Problem of Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  How to Solve Weak Signal Problem of Ultrasonic Flow Meter?

Ultrasonic flow meter needs maintenance after about half year. Failure to receive a signal or weak signal is a minor problem. If you have a similar problem you are using, you can refer to the following solutions:


1. Please check if whether the pipe is filled with fluid.

2. If the pipe is too close to the wall, the sensors can be installed on the pipe diameter with inclined angle instead of on the horizontal pipe diameter, the method Z should be adopted.

3. Select the dense part of the pipeline and fully polish the bright part. Fully paste couplant and install transducers.

4. Moving slowly two sensors closer to find the maximum signal.

5, If there is many scaring in the pipe, you can pat the pipe to make scale parts fall off or crack


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