How to install vortex flowmeter correctly

 How to install vortex flowmeter correctly
Due to the various styles of vortex flowmeters on the market, the composition and structure of the vortex flowmeter are also different. Therefore, installers and later maintenance personnel must have a rough understanding of the specific structural principles of the flowmeter to be installed, and proceed according to the instructions. Installation, generally pay attention to the following points when installing a vortex flowmeter.
1. Pay attention to the installation place, and the installation environment should avoid areas such as strong current equipment, high temperature equipment, and radiation;
2. The upstream and downstream straight pipe sections meet certain requirements;
Upstream straight pipe length requirements
Upstream choke form without rectifier with rectifier length requirements for upstream straight pipe section
Concentric shrink or fully open gate valve >20DN >15DN
Concentric expansion tube >40DN >20DN
A 90°elbow or tee >20DN >15DN 5DN
Two 90° elbows in the same plane >25DN >15DN
Two 90° elbows in different planes>40DN >20DN
3. Since the principle of the vortex flowmeter can be known, it can also be called the principle of fluid oscillation, so during installation, it should be avoided to install on the pipeline with large vibration. If it is unavoidable, the pipeline should be reinforced to avoid vibration;
4. Try to avoid producing gas and liquid media in the pipeline, so pay attention to the installation position of the sensor. The correct installation is shown in (Figure 8-17);



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