How to Install Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter

 How to Install Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter?


Insertion magnetic flow meter is mainly used to measure conductive liquid, especially for large caliber size. But many people don’t know about installation, following is main steps.


1. Upstream shouldn’t less than 5D, downstream shouldn’t less than 2D.

2. The angle between pole and cross section should be less than 5°

3. applicable for small vibration and clean liquid.

4. Welding slag and burr of installation basement should be cleaned up.

5. Turn off the valve of upstream or supply water with low pressure.

6. Install DN50 ball valve on mounting base. Note that the long cavity of the ball valve is up, check whether the ball valve can be fully opened and closed, and install the pressure screw seat, the pressure nut and the rubber seal ring on the ball valve. Loosen the positioning nut.

7. Insert the sensor insertion rod into the pipe under test through the ball valve, and note that the sensor directional marker rod should be pointed in the same direction as the fluid flow.


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