How to Choose Electromagnetic Flow Meter Ground Ring

 How to Choose Electromagnetic Flow Meter Ground Ring
Electromagnetic flowmeter is a device used for measuring liquid flow in pipelines.
In the case of non-metallic piping at the time of measurement, a ground ring is required.
1. Protection ring: f46 lining sensor It is advisable to choose a protective grounding ring, 
which is fixed on the flange with screws to protect the flanging of the lining from damage;
2. The material of the grounding ring is stainless steel. If the working conditions are more special,
you can make instructions and requirements to the manufacturer in advance;
3. Standard grounding ring: On plastics and protective pipes where both the inner and outer walls are 
insulated to protect against electrolytic corrosion, a grounding ring must be installed on both sides of the sensor
4. With neck protection ring: If the measured fluid medium is highly abrasive, you can choose to use a 
neck protection ring to protect the lining.


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