Harm of pipeline vibration to vortex flowmeter

 Harm of pipeline vibration to vortex flowmeter
1.Vibration is harmful to the separation of vortex. The vortex flowmeter is a liquid-vibrating steam flowmeter. 
When the pipeline is vibrated strongly during work, and the vibration direction is vertical to the generating body,
When the vibration frequency is the same or similar to the vortex frequency, the vortex is separated smoothly
It will cause harm when it comes out.
2.Vibration is harmful to force-sensitive inspection components.The vortex flowmeter with force-sensitive inspection
components is selected. The sensitivity of the force-sensitive inspection components cannot be too low. Because the sensitivity is low, 
the sensitivity of the low-limit total flow cannot be ensured.If the force of the pipeline vibrates, doOr when the force caused by
the separation of the vortex is exceeded, the vibration will affect the inspection components during normal operation.



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