Analysis of Common Failure of Vortex Flowmeter

 Analysis of Common Failure of Vortex Flowmeter
1. Related issues in selection
Vortex flowmeters live after the design selection in caliber selection, considering the changes in process conditions, resulting in a large selection of specifications. In the actual selection, the smallest possible caliber should be selected to improve the measurement accuracy. Taking into account that improper selection may cause the indicator to be inaccurate for a long time, and the indicator fluctuates too much to read. It is okay for large flow, and it indicates inaccurate status when small flow.
2. Issues related to installation and use
The length of the straight pipes before and after the sensor is not enough, which will cause the indication to be inaccurate for a long time.
3. Problems related to the second meter
Common secondary instrument related problems include short circuits on the circuit board, bad display of individual digits in the range setting, and bad display of individual positions in the K-factor setting, making it impossible to determine the range setting and other parameter settings. The meter indication is inaccurate.
4. Problems related to circuit wiring
The connection head is not connected properly, causing the circuit to be interrupted and the meter always has no indication

5. Problems related to the connection of the second instrument and subsequent instruments
Taking into account the related problems of the subsequent instrument or the subsequent inspection and repair of the instrument, the current signal output by the second instrument caused an open circuit, resulting in no indication of the second instrument.


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