Advantages of Turbine Flow Meters

 Advantages of Turbine Flow Meters
1. High accuracy
   The accuracy of the turbine flowmeter is high. Within the scope of linear flow, even if the flow changes, the accuracy of the accumulated flow will not decrease.
2. Good repeatability.
   An object must be able to be reused many times in the application, so that the cost-effectiveness of this object can be improved to a certain extent. 
   In the case of accurate measurement for it, Usually, some of them are either highly viscous or high in organic chemical corrosion components,
   so they will cause certain harm to the item. After one-time use, or immediately damage, it is also a situation where data information is prohibited. ,
   However, this type of turbine flowmeter is different. It applies the most effective design scheme on the design scheme. After application, or clean up 
   anytime and anywhere, the liquid substance inside is not easy to harm the next application.And its application of raw materials is also very good,
   with strong oxidation resistance or corrosion resistance and other relative performance, so that it is not easy to harm its performance after one application.
3.Strong adaptability
   The turbine flowmeter can be made into a closed structure, and its speed ratio data signal is non-contact measurement, so it is very easy to complete 
    the high pressure design scheme. If the turbocharger and rolling bearing of the flowmeter are selected for heat resistance,Raw materials with a small linear
    expansion coefficient can be used in a wide temperature range. At this time, attention should be paid to revising its instrument index.
4. Wide measurement range


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