What are the outstanding performance of thermal mass flow meters?

Thermal gas mass flow meters can now be used in the process of flow and air volume measurement in various industries. However, when you use this product, the demander should be aware of the unique characteristics of the product in use, so that you can grasp more comprehensively during the use of the product, so that you can use it. It is a state of composition that is very assured. Installation and maintenance are very simple. When a thermal mass flow meter is needed, you can understand that the product has no movable parts in terms of parts, and the product has a reduced sealing surface.
It is precisely because of these related characteristics that the leakage rate in the actual product use process is also reduced, so that when the installation and maintenance operations are involved, the feedback of each part is relatively simple. Very high sensitivity When using products for flow measurement, the specific products are very high in sensitivity. Even the ultra-small flow can be measured, and the actual accuracy in the measurement process is relatively high.
In order to better use this product, the demander can also clearly know that the pressure loss of the product is relatively small. In the process of understanding these products, after carefully mastering each of the internal elements involved, the results produced in this way will become more ideal. From the specific use of the product, it can be known that the actual performance related to repetitiveness is indeed very high, so such use content needs to be clarified.


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