What are the advantages of the use of steam vortex flowmeters

In the accurate measurement of industrial pipeline materials and liquids, the vortex flow rate is not affected by fluid density, working pressure, and the accuracy of accurate measurement is high. It is used in vapor by many manufacturing enterprises. Various substances such as liquids in the measurement.

In which aspects are the advantages of the vortex flowmeter reflected? 
1. Simple and practical operation, convenient and quick maintenance
Unlike some products with complicated structures of steam flow meters, the design scheme of vortex flow meters is very simple and cost-effective to install, and it is also very convenient to carry out maintenance even if common faults sometimes occur. There is no movable structure in the simple structure. The solid connection between each part, so that its long-term operation will also ensure the smooth and full play of the characteristics, the reliability is extremely high, and the usual maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
2. General measurement range
According to professionals, the vortex flowmeter can achieve a measurement range ratio of fifteen, where the measurement range ratio is within the range, liquid, vapor, vapor and other substances can be accurately measured, and the data information High accuracy. In measurement in the whole process of verification, the working pressure damage caused by the steam flowmeter is relatively small, the operation is high-efficiency, green and environmentally friendly, and the operating cost is much lower than other steam flowmeters.
3. Good reliability.
In the design of the vortex flowmeter, in order to ensure that the steam flowmeter has a stronger and more stable characteristics, it uses an electric working pressure sensor. The reliability of the main parameters of the instrument panel under this sensor is greatly improved. . In addition, in the fixed flow within the range of resistance, the data signal output by the instrument panel is not easy to change due to the difference of the measured substance. Therefore, in the specific application, even if the zero of the vortex flowmeter is replaced due to some common faults Accessories, there is no need to check the instrument again


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