Vortex Flowmeter Installation Conditions

 Vortex Flowmeter Installation Conditions
1. Vortex flowmeter sensor should be installed on a horizontal, vertical, inclined (liquid flow from bottom to top) pipe with 
   the same diameter.
The upstream and downstream of the sensor should be equipped with straight pipe sections of a certain length.
2. Vortex Flowmeter nearby pipeline where the liquid sensor is installed should be filled with the liquid to be measured.
3. Vortex Flowmeter sensor should be avoided to be installed on the pipeline with strong mechanical vibration.
4. Vortex Flowmeter inner diameter of the straight pipe section should be consistent with the sensor diameter as much as possible. 
   If it cannot be consistent, a pipe slightly larger than the sensor diameter should be used, 
   and the error should be ≤3% and not more than 5mm.


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