Vortex Flow meter

 Vortex Flow meter Working Principle

Working principle of vortex flowmeter: LUGB vortex flowmeter is a flowmeter that uses Kalman 
vortex principle to measure steam, gas and low viscosity liquid. 
When the fluid flows through the vortex generator placed perpendicular to the flow direction of 
the measured medium, two rows of vortices are alternately generated on the rear sides thereof, 
which is called a Karman vortex street. When the vortex is generated on the downstream side of 
the cylinder, the pressure below the cylinder is higher than the upper one due to the lift 
force. Under the action of the upper and lower pressure difference, the fluid under the 
cylinder enters the empty glue from the pressure guiding hole below the cylinder. Through the 
small hole in the central part of the partition wall, flow through the platinum resistance wire 
and flow out from the upper pressure guiding hole. 
Characteristics of vortex flowmeter:
1. Simple structure, no moving parts, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life.
2. low pressure loss, wide measuring range
3. Piezoelectric stress detectors are installed independently behind the vortex generator, 
reducing the influence of dirt in the medium.
4.The detection component is not directly in contact with the measured medium, especially 
suitable for flow measurement in harsh environments.
5.can be displayed on the spot, can also be transmitted remotely, and can also be networked 
with computer systems.



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