V cone flow meter manufacturer

 V cone flow meter
V cone flow meter has good accuracy(≤0.5%) and repeatability (≤0.1%).

The advantage of V cone flow meter as below:
1. V cone flow meter has a wide range ratio (10:1~15:1).
2. Self-rectifying function, only need a very short straight pipe section
    (0 to 1D after the first 1 ~ 3D).
3. Self-cleaning function, can measure dirt and easy to scale fluid,
    suitable for blast furnace gas and other impurities.
4. Self-protection function, the key parts of the throttle are not worn,
     and can work stably for a long time.
5. High temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance, not afraid of vibration.
6. The type of measurable fluid is very wide (liquid, gas, steam),
    flow measurement range is wide (small flow ~ large flow), adapted pipeline DN15~ DN3000.
7. V cone flowmeter structure design is a fluid sweeping structure. It is impossible to trap
    any entrained gas, liquid or solid phase dirt in the fluid, which is very suitable for dirty flow.
    Body flow measurement, such as coke oven gas, wet gas, etc.
8. No moving parts.


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