The maintenance of the turbine flow sensor should pay attention to the following points
1.Before the turbine flowmeter is put into operation, it is necessary to set the meter coefficient, check it carefully, 
and make sure that the flowmeter is correctly wired and well grounded before powering on.
2.Keep the measured medium clean and free from impurities such as fibers and particles during use. Keep the filter clear. 
If the filter is blocked by impurities, it can be judged from the increase in the difference between the pressure gauge readings 
at its inlet and outlet, and the blockage should be removed in time, otherwise, the flow will be seriously reduced.
3.The maintenance cycle of the turbine flow sensor is generally half a year. Periodically clean, inspect and recalibrate the flowmeter. 
For flowmeters equipped with lubricating oil or cleaning fluid injection ports, lubricating oil or cleaning fluid should be injected regularly 
according to the requirements of the manual to maintain the good operation of the impeller. When overhauling and cleaning, please be careful not 
to damage the parts in the measuring chamber, especially the impeller. When assembling, please pay attention to the positional relationship between the guide and the impeller.
4.When the turbine flow sensor is not in use, the internal medium should be cleaned and dried, and protective sleeves should be added 
at both ends of the sensor to prevent dirt from entering? Then store it in a dry place.
5.Monitor the status of the display meter, evaluate the display meter reading, and check in time if there is any abnormality.


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