Scraper type electrode electromagnetic flow meter

Scraper type electrode electromagnetic flow meter

When measuring sewage, slurry and other media, the inner wall of the lining of the electromagnetic flowmeter and the surface of the electrode are prone to fouling. Because the conductivity of the fouled part is inconsistent with the measuring medium, if the fouling occurs, if it is not cleaned in time, the electromagnetic The measurement of the flowmeter brings errors, which can cause the signal of the electromagnetic flowmeter to be short-circuited or disconnected, causing the meter to fail to work normally. For electromagnetic flowmeters used in occasions prone to fouling, scraper electrodes are generally used to solve them. However, scraper electrodes also have their obvious shortcomings-high requirements for the installation environment, regular maintenance, and can not be used for high-pressure pipelines.

It can be seen from the schematic diagram of the structure of the scraper electrode that the shaft of the scraper electrode is sealed by means of an "O" ring shaft seal. The scraper is driven by the manual rotating shaft to realize the cleaning of the scale on the electrode surface. The main disadvantages of using a scraper electrode to clean the scale are as follows:

(1) It is necessary to remove the sealing cover on the instrument shell to operate. This requires that the instrument must be installed in a dry and clean environment, otherwise the insulation of the instrument will be easily damaged.

(2) Manual cleaning is required on a regular basis, and there are certain professional requirements for the cleaning personnel.

(3) Since the rotating shaft is sealed by the "O" ring shaft seal, the size and surface finish of the groove and other sealed parts are required to be high. In addition, due to the limitation of the shaft seal, it is destined that the scraper electrode cannot be used Where the pressure is greater than 10MPa.


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