Radar level gauge

 Radar level gauge
The radar level gauge uses the ultra-high frequency electromagnetic wave to transmit to the 
liquid surface of the detected container through the antenna. When the electromagnetic wave 
hits the liquid surface and is reflected back, the meter detects the time difference between 
the emitted wave and the echo.
Thereby the height of the liquid level is calculated. The better the conductivity of the 
measured medium or the larger the dielectric constant, the better the reflection effect of the 
echo signal.

The radar level gauge is mainly composed of a transmitting and receiving device, a signal 
processor, an antenna, an operation panel, a display and the like. Transmitting a reflection 
and receiving is the basic principle of the operation of the radar level gauge
Radar level gauges show their performance under harsh measurement conditions such as flammable, 
explosive, strong corrosive, high temperature and viscous. They are especially suitable for the 
measurement of large vertical tanks and spherical tanks.


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