Radar flow meter advantages

 Radar flow meter advantages

The radar flow meter, as a kind of water level meter and flow velocity with microwave technology, is combined with the measuring technologies by mature radar water level meter and radar velocimeter, which is mainly applied to the measurement for water level and flow velocity of open channels, such as river, reservoir gate, pipe network of subterranean river course and irrigation channel.

This product can effectively monitor the change status of water level, velocity and flow, so as to provide accurate flow information for the monitoring unit.

Radar flow meter advantages:  

1. Built-in imported 24GHz radar flow meter, 26GHz radar liquid level gauge, CW plane microstrip array antenna radar, non-contact detection, the two-in-one product can realize the measurement of flow rate, water level, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow.

2. All-weather, high-frequency microwave ranging technology can realize online automatic monitoring, unattended.

3. The antenna transmission frequency is flexible and adjustable, and the anti-interference ability is strong.

4. A variety of data communication interfaces RS-232 / RS-485 can be set, which is convenient for users to connect to the system.

5. The construction and installation are simple, the measurement operation is combined with the sleep mode (about 300mA during normal operation, and the sleep mode is less than 1mA), which saves energy and reduces consumption, and is economical and applicable.

6. The non-contact meter does not destroy the flow state of the water and ensures the accurate measurement data.

7. IP67 protection grade, not affected by climate, temperature, humidity, wind, sediment and floating objects, and suitable for high flow rate environment during flood period.

8. Anti-condensation, waterproof and lightning protection design, suitable for various outdoor environments.

9. Small appearance, convenient installation and easy maintenance.

10. Domestic brands with independent intellectual property rights, localized service response support.

11. The core components have the test report of "Huadong Testing Center for Hydrological Instruments".


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