Q&T trademark has been resigerated successfully

 Qingtianweiye English trademark is the evolution by “Q & T”, The color is gree blue, with the color of the company’s products,this color represents environmental protection,green, and the blue in the sea, indicating the road of the future of the international development is more wider. The trademark is the first letter of the combination of the Qingtian, also the flagship product model QTLD first letter, making it easy for users to memory for company and products: Q&T is the abbreviation of English Quality & Technology, which embodies the company insist on the principle of the quality first, and shows the company’s pursuit of science and technology: the whole designis simple and clear, and the same of the company,proudct, idea one integrated mass,achieve the unity of people,goods,scarlett.

Qingtianweiye English trademark Q&T registered success,marks the company once again leap, international trade will drive the company electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, thermal gass mass flowmeter, radar level meter, flow and liquid level product in global sales,also marks Qingtian company reached a new level of attention to the brand!


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