Q&T Oval Gear Flow Meter Installation notice

1.Q&T Oval gear flow meter should be thoroughly cleaned before installing pipes, and pre-installed in the flow meter filter to prevent debris entering the flow meter.
   Measured liquid containing gas is air separator should be installed.

2. Please attention the gear axis of the flow meter installed must be horizontal position. That is, the horizon should vertically dial. Regulation of traffic and start to close
   the valve should be installed on the meter side of the Import and Export.

3. Make sure the arrows point to the shell flow meter should be installed with the liquid pipe flow direction.

4. Continuous flow of the pipeline, the level of the installation of flow meter bypass valve should be fitted with pipes, so regular cleaning and maintenance. Vertical pipe
    flow meter should be installed in the bypass pipe to prevent debris from falling into the instrument within.

5. Q&T Oval gear Flow meter installed in the right conditions, for ease of reading, according to the needs of the counter rotating 180C or 90C installation requirements.


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