Liquid Turbine Flowmeter and Electromagnetic Flowmeter

 The Difference Between Liquid Turbine Flowmeter and Electromagnetic Flowmeter
Both types of flowmeters have their own advantages, and electromagnetic flowmeters have great advantages for measuring 
large-caliber acid-proof and anti-corrosion media. Liquid turbine flowmeters have advantages over smaller pipes and flow ranges.
The measurement principles of the two flowmeters are different. There is a rotating turbine in the measuring tube of the turbine flowmeter, 
and the purpose of measuring the flow rate is achieved by the rotation of the turbine. However, due to the flow resistance of the 
turbine and the long-term mechanical operation at the same time, there is a certain amount of wear and tear. 
The shortcoming of estimation is also obvious, but compared with electromagnetic flowmeters, it also has some advantages, 
that is, in terms of measuring medium, electromagnetic flowmeters have relatively few measurement introductions, 
and are generally only used to measure conductive liquids. It is impossible to measure for gas or steam.


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