Kaifeng Government Leaders Observe the Construction of City Key Projects

Kaifeng Government Leaders Observe the Construction of City Key Projects

Riding the wind and breaking the tide, seting sail at the right time. On the afternoon of July 24th,  Jun-Jie Liu, vice chairman of the CPPCC, led a team to view and guide the project of Q & T INSTRUMENT Co., Ltd., one of the major projects in the first half year of 2019. The deputy mayor of Kaifeng City, Yu-Guo Huang, urban and rural Wen-Xing Xiao, director of the Integrated Demonstration Zone Management Committee, Yan-Tao Wang, the head of Xiangfu District, Ji-Tian Dai, the head of the Gulou District, Zheng-Yi Zhang, the head of the Longting District, Hai-Fu Bai, the head of the Shunhe Huizu District, Yu-Min Tao, the head of the Wangtai District, and Yue-Qing , the executive deputy district of Xiangfu District Qing, Guo-Fei Liu, deputy head of the Gulou District, Guang-Sheng Chen, the deputy head of the Longting District, and Zhi-Gang Chen, the deputy head of the Shunhe Huizu District, visit our company for view and guide. 

Picture: Vice Mayor Yu-Guo Huang and his team arrived at our company

Sheng-Hai Zhang, Q & T's chairman and general manager, Jin-Gang Wang, deputy general manager, and Hu-Yang, general manager of the foreign trade department, received and accompanied the visiting.

Sheng-Hai Zhang, the general manager of the company, gave a detailed introduction and report on the company's trademark and development process, and looked forward to the future of the company from the perspective of entrepreneurs and government expectations.

First of all, Yue-Qing, the deputy head of Xiangfu District, gave a brief speech on behalf of Xiangfu District, introducing the development of Q & T INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD and its contribution to Xiangfu District.


Picture: Yue-Qing, executive deputy district head of Xiangfu District gave speech

After the report, Vice Mayor Yu-Guo Huang and Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Jun-Jie Liu and other leaders visited the company's product showroom. The city leaders carefully watched the company's Liquid flow meter, including electromagnetic flowmeter, liquid turbine flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, coriolis mass flowmeter, orifice flowmeter, float flowmeter, water meter, etc., and gas flowmeter, including vortex flowmeter, gas turbine flow Meter, thermal mass gas flow meter, precession vortex flow meter, etc. as well as level products such as ultrasonic level meter and radar level meter, from time to time to ask for characteristics, useage and performance. Mr. Zhang made a presentation and report. When Yan-tao Wang, the head of Xiangfu District, mentioned the company's product certifications and company's planning, Hu-Yang, the general manager of the Foreign Trade Department, reported that we have obtained the EU and ATEX international explosion-proof certificates for electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, etc., and draw up our company strategic blueprint In 2025-2039, the company added automation and intelligent equipments to build intelligent production workshops and expand the strategic blueprint plan for industrial instruments related products by integrating upstream and downstream resources. The city leaders carefully listened to the reports and nodded from time to time, and hoped that the company Further increase the intensity of technological innovation and project construction, and provide strong supports for the smooth operation of Kaifeng’s economy and make important contributions to the vigorous development of Kaifeng.


Picture: Vice Mayor Yu-Guo Huang and Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Jun-Jie Liu visited Q & T’s Exhibition Hall

After that, Vice Mayor Yu-Guo Huang and Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Jun-Jie Liu and other leaders visited the Q & T’s Party Building Room and Workshop. Regarding the inspections of the factory products, Mr. Zhang said,“All flow meters or level meters from Q & T must have one-to-one calibration and inspection, so as to accurately realize the scientifically products quality management and zero after-sale service, this is not only responsible for the customers, but also the social responsibility carried by us. The city leaders gave high praise to the construction of an intelligent, technical and forward-looking Q&T instrument industrial park. We have taken the opportunity of “One Belt, One Road” to export our products to abroad and fully affirm the strategy of internationalization. The company's 6S modern management concept, advanced production and processing technology, product quality traceability system, as well as the factory inspection process and the social responsibility, and the high hopes of our company will become the leading enterprise in Xiangfu District of Kaifeng City, and hope that the new development model of Q & T can be popularized and replicated in Xiangfu District and Kaifeng city, better promotes Kaifeng City and Xiangfu District Harmonious development.

Picture:Vice Mayor Yu-Guo Huang and Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Jun-Jie Liu visited Q & T’s Workshop

Finally, the leaders expressed their high recognition of the display of our company's observation projects in this city and five counties and gave a recognition to the first place. Deputy Mayor  Yu-guo Huang said,“I hope that Qingtian Weiye will continue to make presistent efforts, continue to adhere to the concepts of innovative and enterprising development, and make  greater, newer and stronger contributions to the development of the industry in Kaifeng City and Xiangfu District. Mr. Zhang, Chairman of Qingtian Weiye also said that with the strong support of the government and leaders, we will, as always, keep in mind the party's mission, not forgetting the initial intentions, moving forward, build China’s largest flow meter base with quality and become a benchmarking enterprise, let the whole world open their arms and embrace the Qingtian Weiye!


Picture:Set off vice mayor Yu-guo Huang and other leaders



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